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Gift Matching

Will your company match your donation?

A number of companies operate a gift matching program so that the money you donate or raise for Movember is doubled or sometimes tripled by them. This tool will help you find out how to apply for matched funding with your company. Please note that gift matching programs vary from company to company and this tool may not be comprehensive, so you can also contact your Human Resources department.

Here is how to get started.

1. Donate

Make a donation and be sure to keep your receipt. Most gift matching programs will give you up to one year after you make a donation to submit a request.

2. Search

Search for your company using the box on the right and follow the instructions provided. If nothing comes up, contact your Human Resources department to double check your company's gift matching policy.

3. Complete

To ensure the matched donation is placed against the original donation, please include the participant's name and registration number as a reference when you complete your company's gift matching process.  If you need us to fill out your company's gift matching form, here are our contact details:
If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.