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My Motivation

To grow a truly badass moustache.. In honor of my double amputee buddy Johnny D, and all of his mental illnesses.

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Austin posted a video on Matt's page 32 Week(s) Ago

From the bottom of our upper lips, we can't thank you enough for your support of Movember and men's health. This year was a truly remarkable campaign that saw over 219,000 Mo Bros and Mo Sistas in the US raise over $20 million and counting. A tip of the cap and a twist of the Mo on a job well done!

We are always looking for more passionate Mo Champions to help build out the Movember Network in your community...if you are interested in becoming a Mo Champ in your city, please email and we will get back to you in the new year to talk moustache.

United we Mo!

Austin posted a photo on Matt's page 34 Week(s) Ago

Nothing says Thanksgiving like a little mashed potatoes in the moustache. This Thanksgiving, use the moustache as a perfect way to talk men's health with the family and understand your medical history...and hit them up for a Mo Space donation! Thank you and happy Thanksgiving from all of us here on the Grassroots Engagement Team at Movember.

Anonymous donated $40.00 to Mo-Clear and split it evenly between all team members ($5.71 each). 35 Week(s) Ago

Way to go gentlemen!!!!!! $40 raised from the cupcakes!!!! GO MO-CLEAR!!!!!!

Natalie Gilmer donated $50.00 to Mo-Clear and split it evenly between all team members ($7.14 each). 35 Week(s) Ago

Tina Sims donated $25.00 to Mo-Clear 35 Week(s) Ago

Gabriel Kaspar donated $25.00 35 Week(s) Ago

Good job Matt.

Matt Kaspar 35 Week(s) Ago

A week and a half left! Donate to Movember through my page - It goes towards raising awareness and providing support for men's health issues - prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health! I get to shave the porn-stache after on December 1st..

Matt Kaspar 35 Week(s) Ago

Quick update.. Stache is doing well, still need some donations. Good cause! If you hate seeing "selfies" as much as I do, make a small donation, I will never post another one!

Matt Kaspar 37 Week(s) Ago

Week 1 is done. I'm happy with my progress.

Matt Kaspar 37 Week(s) Ago

Second shave of November.. Prickly.

Matt Kaspar 38 Week(s) Ago

There it is. Bald round face! Let the mustache growing begin!!

Matt Kaspar 38 Week(s) Ago

OK, time for Movember again.. Off goes the beard!

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