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My motivation is to use the power of the moustache to have an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health.
Chris Anderson

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The Movember Foundation

The leading global organization committed to changing the face of men’s health.

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Citrix ShareFile Received a Donation
2 day(s) ago


Holli Harrison

2 day(s) ago

Go Citrix Go! We are so close to $30,000! I wanted to share a chance for you to show off your new look AND get some free cookies sent to you. If you share a #selfie using GoToMeeting Free and tag @GoToMeeting via twitter you will get cookies sent to your home. (US only, sorry folks)

5 day(s) ago

Hello Citrix we are rockin it! I just added up the matching dollars and we have submitted about $6,000 in matching. That brings our total close to $30,000! Only $10,000 more to go to reach that BHAG of doubling our impact. If a Citrix employee donates to your page don't forget to have them fill out the matching form

Split team donation received
1 Week(s) Ago


Jesse Lipson

Donated $1,000 to Citrix ShareFile and split it evenly between all team members.

3 Week(s) Ago

Don't forget Citrix will match all employee donations up to $1000. To get your donation matched. Fill out the donation matching form and attach your receipt. Donations are matched at the end of every month. So if you get in your donation in Oct it will be matched in time for Nov!

Note: As donations can be made privately, only public donations are displayed on Mo Space.
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