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College campuses are the perfect place for the Movember movement. From Greek life to intramurals, students have embraced the power of the moustache. 

Want to bring Movember to your campus? Join us and be a part of the generation that changes the face of men’s health.



The Next Level

  • Register an event to receive a Mo Party Kit with all the Mo swag you’ll need to show people that you are growing for the official global moustache charity.
  • Use the ‘Ask for Donations’ tools on your Mo Space to generate customizable Facebook posts, Tweets and emails asking mom, dad, and the rest of your friends and family to donate to your hairy upper lip.


  • Get your team together at the end of the month to celebrate all the fine moustache growing that’s occurred and crown your very own Man of Movember and Miss Movember!
  • Check the BMOC or MBA Challenge Networks to see how you, your team and your school stack up against other college Mo’s across the country.

Moustachery Case Studies

We stand for one thing…change. Here are some stories of campus moustachery where a few rebels with moustaches were able to transform their universities.

Mo Champions

Lead the Charge

Did you know the BMOC (Big Moustache on Campus) network had 674 members and raised over $81,000 last year? We cannot thank these college Mo’s enough for all their efforts on campus! Now is the time to take things to the next level. We are looking for a few good Mo’s to carry the Movember flag on campus and become our Mo advocates on the ground.
If you have been or would like to lead the Movember charge on your campus, please send an email to with “BMOC” in the subject line and tell us where you attend school. 
If your university days are over, you can still support your alma mater’s efforts and pass the moustache torch to an underclassman. The future of men’s health is in their hands, so choose wisely!


Looking for more information about how to take Movember to the next level on your campus? Want to bring Movember to you elementary, middle or high school?
Contact us at or (310) 450-3399 to get started.